Marvel’s latest mobile game and possibly its most ambitious mobile project to date, MARVEL Future Revolution, is now available to download. It debuted earlier today on the App Store and Google Play. Here’s the launch trailer.

The Beat was given a hand-off preview of the game and came away impressed by the visuals and scope of the title. Now everyone can experience Future Revolution for themselves on iOS and Android devices.

The game’s developer Netmarble shared their special plans for launch day, which includes a new trailer, a livestream, and a performance of the score. Read those plans, details about Netmarble’s partnership with Marvel, and a synopsis of the game in Netmarble’s press release.

“Through creative technology, a highly collaborative relationship with Marvel, and a shared vision, we’ve been able to elevate the mobile gaming experience to deliver high-fidelity visuals, massive-scale battles and a standard of gameplay that we feel confident attaching Netmarble’s ‘Revolution’ label to,” said Simon Sim, President of Netmarble US. “The overwhelming response we’ve received from the global community since first announcing MARVEL Future Revolution is a solid indicator – we’re delivering on fans’ expectations.”

“The teams at Netmarble and Marvel were determined to raise the bar and deliver an innovative experience to players around the world, so together we dove deep into our comic book vaults to create an expansive Open World that’s bursting with iconic locations and fan-favorite characters reimagined in surprising new fusions,” said Bill Rosemann, VP of Creative, Marvel Games. “At our core, we’re all lifelong Marvel fans making games for other Marvel fans. When you combine that true love for Marvel with amazingly skilled collaborators brave enough to cut loose, that’s when the magic happens.”  

MARVEL Future Revolution begins after multiple Earths converge to form an entirely new ‘Primary Earth,’ where players will be asked to join the newly formed ‘Omega Flight’ Super Hero team to defend the universe. At launch, players will have access to eight playable Super Heroes, including Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and Storm, with an extensive selection of more than 400 million costume combinations per hero to choose from. 

From the high-tech New Stark City to unique zones like Hydra Empire, Xandearth, Midgardia, and Sakaar, fans can expect to discover original Marvel landmarks, legendary characters, and homage missions tying directly back to fan-favorite stories and events.

Players will also partake in Epic Missions, which follow the main storyline, coupled with Side Missions that unlock sub-storylines to experience. As the game progresses, multiplayer content will unlock, including Blitz, Special Operation, Raids and more, as fans battle some of Marvel’s most sinister foes, including Ultron, M.O.D.O.K., Yellowjacket, Thanos, as well as powerful villainous organizations like The Hand, A.I.M., and Hydra.

Developed by Netmarble Monster, MARVEL Future Revolution is the second collaboration between Netmarble and Marvel Entertainment, and a successor to the long-running hit mobile game MARVEL Future Fight, enjoyed by more than 120 million people worldwide.