After a tease over the weekend, it was revealed earlier this week that the characters of the Marvel Universe would be appearing in season 4 of Epic Games’s massively-successful Fortnite. In addition to a comic crossover written by Thor scribe Donny Cates and illustrated by Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D’Armata, Marvel has now announced a series of thirteen variant covers featuring team-ups between the heroes of the Marvel Universe and the characters from Fortnite.

Here’s are the Fortnite covers that Marvel has released so far:

Marvel Fortnite

  • AVENGERS #36 Fortnite Variant by Sara Pichelli

Marvel Fortnite

  • FANTASTIC FOUR #24 Fortnite Variant by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Marvel Fortnite

  • MARAUDERS #13 Fortnite Variant by Russell Dauterman

  • VENOM #29 Fortnite Variant Aaron Kuder

  • CAPTAIN AMERICA #24 Fortnite Variant by Ed McGuinness

  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7 Fortnite Variant by Javier Garron

  • IRON MAN #2 Fortnite Variant by Marco Checchetto

In addition to those seven, these six Marvel titles will also feature Fortnite variants:

  • SAVAGE AVENGERS #12 Fortnite Variant by Adam Kubert
  • THOR #8 Fortnite Variant by Olivier Coipel
  • X-FORCE #13 Fortnite Variant Joshua Cassara
  • AVENGERS #37 Fortnite Variant by Mark Brooks
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL #22 Fortnite Variant by Iban Coello
  • X-MEN #13 Fortnite Variant by Joe Quesada

Marvel’s crossover with Fortnite could be a huge boon to the publisher’s line. Fortnite has an estimated 350 million players worldwide as of this past May, and if even a fraction of those players dip into Marvel’s comics for the first time it would be a huge bump. The season 4 appearance by Marvel characters in the game isn’t the first time the two universes have crossed over, as Thanos appeared as a playable character for a limited time back in 2018.

Look for the baker’s dozen of Marvel Comics Fortnite variant covers to arrive in stores in September and October.