It’s almost time for solicitation info to be released, so you know what that means: get ready for some new series announcements! During the latest episode of Marvel’s “Pull List” web series, the House of Ideas debuted three new titles shipping in November, as well as cover art for a handful of other series.

Here’s a look at the newly-launching books:

The previous volume of Deadpool just ended last month, but you can’t keep Wade quiet for too long. Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Chris Bachalo will relaunch Deadpool with a new #1 and a new mission: to kill the king of the monsters (presumably not Godzilla). The cover for the first issue, seen above, was teased a few weeks ago with Deadpool blacked out and the tagline “Long Live the King.” If Deadpool kills the king of the monsters does he become the new king of the monsters? I don’t know what the rules of succession are like in monster society.

Next, spinning out of the concluding Absolute Carnage (which wraps up in November) is Scream: Curse of Carnage. This series is written by Clay McLeod Chapman and illustrated by Chris Mooneyham. The cover art above is by Jim Cheung. The series finds the Scream symbiote bonded to a new host, though said host’s identity has yet to be revealed. This is being solicited as an ongoing series. Color me skeptical.

Finally, Spider-Man’s vampiric foe Morbius returns in a new series written by Vita Ayala and illustrated by Marcelo Ferreira, with covers by Ryan Brown. In this new book, Michael Morbius undergoes a new transformation while attempting to cure himself of his vampirism. What will he become? Maybe he’ll turn grey and furry like Hank McCoy did when he tried to cure himself of being a mutant. Or maybe he’ll become the new King of the Monsters and have to fight Deadpool. Anything’s possible! Morbius wasn’t announced as being ongoing or a miniseries, but my money’s on the latter.

Along with the three new series, Marvel also debuted covers and details for the next issues of the Jonathan Hickman-curated “Dawn of X” titles, as well as a better look at the cover to Absolute Carnage #5, the final issue of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman‘s current Venom-centric event series. You can head over to to take a look at those covers, and check back here for more information on new Marvel books shipping in November.