Another week, another vague teaser from Marvel. On Monday, while many of us were recovering from San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher sent out a teaser image that’s especially bizarre. In the image, a crowned silhouette sits on a throne on top of… a kraken? Maybe? The text reads, “Long Live the King,” which for a moment made it seem like Marvel was announcing a Lion King comic… but only for a moment.

Looking at the image itself, it seems probable that the silhouette is Deadpool, based on the head shape and body language. However, although the silhouette is holding a scepter, there don’t appear to be any other weapons present. Thus, “Long Live the King” may not be about Deadpool at all.

Marvel has a number of event books and big titles being released in the back half of this year, including Jonathan Hickman‘s rehaul of the X-line, which begins this week, as well as follow-up titles debuting in October and November for Dawn Of X. Plus, Absolute Carnage is still happening and there’s a new event launching in December. There are seemingly plenty of options for who this “King” could be.

However, the absurdity of the cover lends itself more to the Deadpool theory. Based on its history, it’s likely that Marvel will release more teasers in this vein very soon, which may help us narrow down the possibilities and make a more educated guess. For now, check out the “Long Live the King” teaser below and if you have ideas for what’s to come, let us know in the comments.

Long Live the King


  1. Based on the royal/squidy combo, maybe it’s Namor? Could be something related to what’s been going on in Avengers and/or Invaders…

    My next guess could be a Ghost Rider, in reference to a new king of hell? The Chris Bachalo art is reminding me very much of his run on Doc Strange with Aaron.

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