The event I’ve been dreaming of for years WOULD happen to take place while I was on a long journey with no wifi.

In a meeting at President-Elect Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate yesterday, Reuters photographer Jonathan Ernst managed to snap a of Issac Perlmutter, Marvel’s CEO, along side Trump. He had to shoot it through a window. The long lens and bad shooting conditions give the photo a suitably demonic glaze. As for Ernst, I hear he’s up for a role in Rogue Two.


Perlmutter is a notorious recluse who is said to have gone to the Iron Man 2 premiere in a disguise to avoid being photographed. He’s known only from an 80s era photo that we’re all seen many times. The Hollywood Reporter even went so far as to commission an artists rendition of what Perlmutter might look like now. Pretty close.


While many comics sites have reported on these photos (which you can see on the Reuters website) fewer reported on WHY Perlmutter was at this “public” meeting.
It was at a discussion of health care with various physicians and experts :

Rothman was joined by Dr. John Noseworthy, CEO of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.; Dr. David Torchiana, CEO of Partners HealthCare in Boston; Dr. Bruce Moskowitz, a West Palm Beach physician and a founder of the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation; and Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, who has been floated as a prospective Trump nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Others present included Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter, a longtime health care philanthropist; Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, and top Trump aide Stephen Bannon.

Trump and the Republican-led Congress plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, action most of the hospital industry opposes, fearing loss of revenue from insured patients.

Aside: it’s good to see that women don’t have anything to say about health care, since we don’t get sick or die or have any health related conditions like pregnancy and for those little troubles we do have it’s much better that men control our bodies and health care since they are so much smarter than us.

Perlmutter has been a Trump pal for a while, and they’ve been dining together down in Florida for years Perlmutter spent Thanksgiving with the Trumps down in Florida, his wife Laura is on the Inauguration committee, and of course, the couple donated $1 milion to Trumps veteran charity, the maximum amount allowable by law.

While Perlmutter’s history as a penny pincher who fishes paper clips out of the trash is well known, he also has a long history as a philanthropist where donating to medical charities is concerned. He’s also known for making rational not at all vindictive decisions like stopping publishing comics that sell 30,000 copies to spite rival studios who make multi million dollar movies. So yeah, he’s perfectly well qualified to help decide whether you can get affordable health care or not.


BTW, others who attended the meeting were photographed openly, so Perlmutter must have used the servant’s entrance or something. Given his growing connection to the future president, it’s probably going to be harder and harder to keep the low profile that Perlmutter so values.

While this story raises many troubling issues, one has not been addressed: What does Donald Trump think of the Inhumans? This could really be the key to the whole thing. And if you don’t think they’ve discussed it, you have no imagination.


  1. Hmm. From the looks of Ike, the only thing I can hazard is that he believes face-lifts should be free to all elderly men. The guy looks like a burn victim! He’s had at least 5 face-lifts, based on the pic I saw.

  2. i know you’re not supposed to make fun of how people look when criticizing their politics…but those photos look like the demon from the crossroads meeting with his newest client for final signatures. So creepy and fitting that the interior of this ‘resort’ might actually be the bowels of hell itself.

  3. Your politics are showing again. The article describes Perlmutter as a “health care philanthropist”. Does that sound like a negative thing?

  4. Being a real Israeli got him a deal…They say he go crazy they say that he too real…but being real Israeli got him a deal!

  5. Oh and look up his wife Laura Perlmutter or the women’s imaging center at NYU named after her due to their family’s generous donations…Also their work establishing the chair of cell biology at NYU which is currently held by a woman….. and Laura even became a member of the NYU medical center board which some reports say she’s heading up the cancer board. She may have been there just off Camera….especially as it’s publicly known she’s one of the people actually planning the ingratiation for trump…
    Ike and Laura have been together for decades and seem like a very insync duo so trust me if Ike’s making a decision she knows the details.

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