Two low-selling Marvel series are coming to an end. Marvel announced in the back of the letters pages of Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the final cover reveal of Angela Agent of Asgard that the two series are coming to an end. CBR broke the news this morning and shared the letters pages of this week’s Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6, also the last issue of the series that the comic is formally coming to an end. In our recent sales chart analysis, we reported that things looked grim for the series, which saw a steady drop since issue one despite a strong creative team (and particularly solid artwork) with artist Brent Schoonover (Mythic) and writer Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts).


Marguerite Bennett (Red Sonja) and Kim Jacinto (Indestructible Hulk)’s Angela: Queen of Hel is getting the opportunity to close out the story with one more issue with the upcoming issue #7 being the series’ last. The creative team revealed the decision within the pages of the issue before confirming the cancellation with the final page cover reveal. Angela: Queen of Hel is not one of the lowest selling titles in Marvel ranking at No. 136 in the sales charts above several other series in the line.



  1. Endings are tough and every comic is someone’s favorite. On the other hand, I’m encouraged that Marvel is able to take chances with new ideas and new books and give them a (albeit brief) runway to try and take off.

  2. I enjoyed Howling Commandos. Given the numbers of books out every week, it’s tough to stretch limited dollars. Maybe Marvel can just add a “+ Deadpool” to the lower selling books to give them a boost?

  3. Really sad to see Angela go. It was a great title that broke new ground. I do blame Marvel for saturating the market, but like the other commenter, I’m glad to see them give titles like Angela a chance.

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