As part of ResurrXion, the big X-event for the year, the X-men are going back to their classic Blue and Gold teams, first seen back in the 90s. Because everyone loves the 90s. Each team will star in their own book, as the X-line gets an overhaul and a bunch of new #1s.

Gold’s creative team is  Mark Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf and Blue’s  Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina. The mutants will be split between the teams, lust like in the olden days. Sort of like Raw and Smackdown.

We’re assured the future is bright for the X-men however, so no worries!


“Following an era where the X-Men were on the back foot, fighting for the survival of their species, we wanted to take a moment to exhale and indulge in the kinds of big, beautiful, colorful stories that portray the X-Men at their best,” says Editor Daniel Ketchum. “It’s a return to form, with spandex costumes rather than body armor, softball games on the school lawn, and the X-Men on a proactive mission to be the greatest heroes of all time—to human and mutant alike.”

It all kicks off in X-MEN GOLD #1, as creators Marc Guggenheim (X-Men, Young X-Men) and Ardian Syaf (Green Lantern) bring together the X-Men’s biggest guns for an all-new adventure! Kitty Pryde has returned to Earth to find the X-Men in shambles. They survived their war with the Inhumans, but at a great cost. They’ve earned their future, now what are they going to do with it? Kitty takes the reigns and assembles a team of the most iconic X-Men to her side – Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan and Rachel Grey. They are the X-Men, and they’re here to take mutantkind into the future and make the world a better place!

Then, fan-fave creators Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men, Monsters Unleashed) and Jorge Molina (A-Force, Star Wars) bring the time-displaced original X-Men together once more in X-MEN BLUE #1! With Jean Grey at the helm, Cyclops, Beast, Icemanand Angel will set out to embody Xavier’s dream – to foster a world that no longer hates and fears them. But they’ll have help from none other than…Magneto?! Why would these X-Men ally themselves with the man they once swore to defeat? Can the former mutant terrorist truly be trusted? The X-Men are young, but they aren’t stupid. Keep your enemies close, after all…

This is just the beginning! The future of the X-Men is bright, and it’s all beginning this Spring as RessurXion brings you a brand-new line of X-Men titles. Be there when it all kicks off in April when both X-MEN GOLD #1 and X-MEN BLUE #1 come to comic shops and digital devices everywhere! For more information on ResurrXion, visit


Art & Cover by ARDIAN SYAF
On Sale in April!


Written by CULLEN BUNN
Cover by ART ADAMS
On Sale in April!


  1. I’m glad Bunn’s staying with the X-Books, but not all that excited, tbh. Hopefully the satellite titles will be a little more out there.

  2. The Gold line-up is interesting (I’m happy to see a Rachel/Kitty reunion) but the Blue sounds awfully like a New X-Men arc with a different coat of paint. (A blue coat, obv.)

  3. agree with Person Of Con
    I’d have liked to see the return of some great members like, Rogue, Gambit, Havok, Polaris, and there’s no Psylocke!!
    also glad to see Rachel return.

  4. I disagree. The Blue team are more interesting than the Gold. The Gold is not that bad but I honestly like the Blue better knowing that Polaris and Emma are returning.

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