It’s official! Marvel is delving into another epic, universe-spanning event come April 2019. On Nov. 16, Marvel announced War of the Realms, which will span six issues over three months. Award-winning creators Jason Aron, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson will helm the event, which according to a press release is of “unparalleled scale.”

War of the Realms will feature Marvel’s biggest heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Panther, Venom and more. The promo image also features She-Hulk, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Luke Cage, The Punisher and tons of others.

In true Marvel event style, War of the Realms has been in the works for  a long time.

“I have been building towards War of the Realms for the entire duration of my Thor run,” Aaron teased in a statement. “So we’re talking six years and 80-something issues and counting. This is a war that covers the entire globe and involves the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe, as you can see in this amazing promo piece by my Mighty Thor collaborators, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, who I’m so thrilled to be working with again on War of the Realms.”

For more about War of the Realms, check out Earth’s Mightiest Show on, and stay tuned for more information to come!


  1. It’s just impossible for me to take another mega event seriously. I’m mildly curious as to who turns evil this time, Tony, Carol and Steve have all had a turn, but that’s about it. When I look at that art I don’t see a lot of heroes who haven’t been out and bad guys over the past few years. Last I saw of Carol she was in full fascist mode throwing innocent people into jail for stuff they hadn’t done. Cap was head of Hydra and took over the US. So they are the good guys again? I wonder how long that will last.
    Bottom line I guess is that after all the events that marvel has put out over the years it’s gotten to the point where I hope the bad guy wins. There isn’t a lot of difference between him and the heroes anymore, they just have better public relations.

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