What happens when you spend all of your time with your friends and know exactly how to push their buttons? Threats of spoilers! Embarrassing secrets! Fisticuffs! At least that’s what happens in the exclusive Bravest Warriors clip that streaming service VRV provided to The Beat.

Currently in its fourth season exclusively on VRV, Bravest Warriors follows four friends and heroes-for-hire in the year 3085 as they save adorable aliens and the world using the power of their emotions. In the below clip, the kids “experience some inner turmoil caused by TV-watching, spoilers, and shower secrets.” Check it out:

Uh-oh. What happens now?

Here’s the full episode synopsis from VRV: Wallow, deciding he wants to eat as ethically as possible, embarks on a faddish “ghost diet” – but the negative effects on both his physical and mental health quickly become apparent. Then, after a big fight about some very uncool spoilers, the Bravest Warriors retreat to separate rooms to blow off steam. But each of them causes their own kind of disaster, resulting in an unexpected revelation.

Want to watch? Click here to catch up on the latest shenanigans with the Bravest Warriors on VRV.


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