Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl_688x1044A young woman who goes around dressed as a squirrel. And defeats Doctor Doom and Thanos. Yes, it’;s the ultimate cosplay Mary Sue, Squirrel Girl, and she’s getting her own ONGOING SERIES.


Clearly, Marvel has learned the Rocket Raccoon lesson well.

The series will be written by Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) with art by Erica Henderson (Subatomic Party Girls.) Rico Renzi adds color, and Art Adams ads a variant cover. EW has the scoop:

In Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson take on the lighthearted superheroine whose mutant gene gives her an endearing cocktail of squirrel-related superpowers. When the comic book begins, she’s starting college—but in no time at all, Squirrel Girl is defending Earth from threats most cosmic. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is another quietly bold move for Marvel—a female-centric comic that’s intended to appeal equally to canon-heads and newcomers—and EW is excited to share an exclusive first look at the cover, drawn by Henderson.

Oh, it’s on.

Art-Adams squirrel-girl


  1. Sad that we still get announcements of a new series featuring a character, and neither the original announcement from the publisher or the news article from the site passing it along think to mention the name(s) of the original creator(s) of the character.

  2. This is wonderful, surprising news. The audience for this book, with these creators, is now visibly at shops buying in enough quantity for this to work… but only if Marvel hits the marketing cues just right. For my part, I’m going to float this past my Adventure Time customers, as well as anyone really picking up Ms. Marvel, the Boom! Box line and Gotham Academy. Seems like a nice overlap in the Venn diagram.

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