Wolverine has become a little too civilised recently, perhaps, with the events of AvX painting him as a happy bystander while Cyclops and Captain America do all the real morally grey actions nowadays. Hoping to rectify that in January will be writer/artist Frank Cho, who’ll be relaunching the Wolverine solo title for Marvel Now as “Savage Wolverine”.

The reason for the ‘savage’ adjective is because the book will be set, at least to start with, in The Savage Land. In an opening arc which actually sounds rather similar to the current storyline in Gambit, an exploring Wolverine will accidentally awaken an Elder God in the middle of the dinosaur-infested rainforest, and have to put it down. That’s right – this is Wolverine: God Hunter.

Joining Wolverine in the story will be Shanna the She-Devil, as you can see on Cho’s cover above. She’ll be helping Wolverine fight off the threat when she’s not fighting, y’know, Wolverine himself (big fan of fighting people, our Shanna). No sign of Ka-Zar in the storyline, probably to allow for some savage romance, although Cho promises that some other familiar faces will show up later on in the first arc, at which point we’ll start to see his long-term plans for the series. Issue #1 of Savage Wolverine will be out in January, it seems.


  1. Gee, let’ see:, Frank Cho drawing dinosaurs and hot babes in skimpy bikini’s.

    I’M THERE!!! :-D

  2. I really like that art! If this is $2.99 and reads like a classic WOLVERINE solo issue, I’m down!!!!

    The ReconditePictures.com

  3. “Savage Wolverine” … “Avenging Spider-Man” … Is this a new trend at Marvel? To mis-match adjectives and characters?

  4. They’ll have Cho for all of three issues before he gets bored and decides the “workload is too much” for him.

  5. No sign of Ka-Zar in the storyline, probably to allow for some savage romance,

    Knowing how Marvel hates their characters being married, I imagine Ka-Zar and Shanna’s marriage is next on the chopping block.

  6. This sounds like a secondary Wolverine title. Hopefully there will be another one, i mean if Batman can have 5 books surely Wolverine can have 2.

  7. I think Cho is an incredibly talented artist. But given his speed/reliability problems, why not have him just draw the book?

  8. Wow… Marvel needs a new cover designer. Half of the cover is used for titles. The blank space up top is wasted. Best to shift that all over to the left, to avoid covering up the eye candy.

    Heh… I wonder if there’s a nude variant?

    And what’s in Wolvie’s utility belt? Dinosaur repellent?

  9. I too am worried that this will fall behind unless he already has the first arc or two in the can so he has a lead time.

  10. I’m wondering how Cho will have Wolverine defeat an elder god in a fight. If the god can turn him into a pile of goo with a thought–something any respectable elder god should be able to do–Wolverine’s claws won’t be of much use.


  11. Lots of delays and fill-ins. We may not see as much plastic boobie Shanna as our friend Frank could muster.

  12. while i dig cho’s art, this whole concept of wolverine being “savage” again just points out the problem with the character, which is, depending on which book one is reading that wolverine is in dictates which version of wolverine you’ll get. will it be “berserker” wolverine, wise “ninja” wolverine, the “plays nice with others” wolverine, “loner” wolverine, “will use his claws to kill” wolverine, “won’t use his claws to kill” wolverine,”hits on other guy’s girlfriends” wolverine? his personality has been pulled and twisted into so many different directions over the past few years, the character has kinda lost that unique flavor that made wolverine well, unique in the marvel universe.

  13. Frank Cho can’t draw a monthly book to save his life. Even with lead time built in this book has failure all over it especially if he still insists that he inks his own work. If this comes out every 3 months I’m sure it’s fine, but a monthly book, forget it.

    You could get Adam Hughes to write it and Cho to draw it and you’d never see it. Ha!

    Bad call, Marvel. Bad call.

  14. I used to think the same thing, until I realized all his women look alike, and I got tired of looking at his artwork.

  15. This hardcover will look lovely among the other Cho books in my collection :)

    I really couldn’t care less about when the single issues will come out. In fact, I wish Marvel and Cho have agreed on the first arc ONLY, so that Cho can go on with his Dinos mini.

  16. I couldn’t agree more. Can you imagine if they made Wolvie action figures based on all those versions you listed? LoL

  17. makes ya wonder what a “hits on other guy’s girlfriends” wolverine action figure would look like. what kind of accessories would he have. bottle of cheap after shave, dozen roses, condoms?

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