The seconds are ticking away, and with it, everyone’s will to live.

New York Comic Con is thundering at us, like a herd of fear crazed buffalo—and if you’ve ever been to NYCC, you know this is an entirely accurate description.

We understand steps have been taken this year to make sure crowds stay safe and sane. It will be a piece of cake, we’re sure.

One important note: in the past years everyone had a very cavalier “I’ll drop by at the last minute” kind of vibe. That is no longer applicable to the show.

NYCC throngs

As of today the show is already sold out. There will be no onsite press or pro registration.

In other words, it’s almost as bad as San Diego.

However, we’re still getting last minute requests for badges and press passes.

Nada que ver, amigo!

You gotta remember to plan ahead.

On another note, we were at a baby shower this weekend, mostly full of normal, happy couples, some with kids. They were not nerds at all. Half of them knew NYCC was coming, and two of them were going. (One is a very close Beat pal so not a big surprise there.) The other was a mother of two who was looking forward to taking her older daughter (who is 7 or 8) to go on Kids Day. Her daughter is a big fan of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet books, the mom told me, and was planning to go dressed as Emily, the main character in her series. She also mentioned her cousin’s were going to see Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton.

So yeah, there’s something for everyone.

NYCC has earned the “gross” award from Tom Spurgeon, who notes that the show seems to have left comics off the front page and all everybody does is drink and he doesn’t know why everyone likes it. I think when you add up all those statements, it isn’t too hard to see why there is a fondness for some aspects of the show.

NYCC is definitely more of a glorified pop culture show than anything particularly comics-oriented, but it seems to have something for everyone who likes something on TV or even in a comic. As for the rest of it…it is an awesome con for hanging out at, Marvel and DC both throw massive parties for the freelancers, and there are more than a dozen other bashes and tweet ups. So I think that’s why people like the show—you get to hang out with friends you only see once a year, especially those from Europe for whom San Diego is insanely expensive.

So yeah, NYCC is happening—the Beat has events every day starting tomorrow. We’ll have calendars and PR and party poop over the next few days. Just don’t ask me for a pass!


  1. “Nerd Homecoming”.

    That’s what I used to feel going to science fiction conventions in the Midwest. You’d drive a few hours to a hotel, meet people from other states and maybe another show, a bit like a class reunion. You chat, catch up, hang out, filk, drink, go to room parties, and then go home.

    This was before the internet, so maybe you were in an APA, or an SCA kingdom, but there wasn’t constant contact. You couldn’t troll eBay for cool swag, so the Dealer’s Room was one of the first stops. (The Art Show was the second.)

    I’ll be hanging out at Javits from Wednesday onward. I’ve got stuff tagged on my show planner, but I’m testing the “Niobrara” strategy. That’s a scenic river in northern Nebraska. You just float along, enjoying the scenery, hanging out with friends. Maybe you take a side-trip or two, but it’s low stress. I’ll just float along, zen-like, enjoy the show, but with as little stress as possible. If you see me, stop and say hi.

  2. I’m soooo glad I no longer attend Comic Conventions. Those crowds are murder. Look at that picture of the packed crowd! I could never tolerate that now. Ah, to be young and stupid again…

  3. That’s the shot looking down into the “stockyards” (Hall 1C)
    That’s where the hoi polloi (general admission) queue up to wait getting into the exhibition hall every morning.

    Ironically, this was where the first NYCC dealers room was located.

    Fortunately, Artists Alley is now over in the North Pavilion, so you don’t have to deal with the swagsters to get sketches.

  4. i’ll be going all four days. i’m probably gonna check things out (vendors, company booths) on thursday and friday (hopefully it’ll be a little less crowded on those days, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part) , then just lay low in artist alley on saturday and sunday, leaving once in a while to grab an adult beverage and chill in the vip lounge. also glad that artist alley is kinda seperate from most of the mosh pit, it’ll hopefully make the con go a little smoother.

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