Mark Millar is at it again. Following a prolific period at Image with — Jupiter’s Children and sequel, Starlight, MPH and Chrononauts—he’ll have some new treats, having just sent out a teaser for a new book which will be announced, one presumes, at Image Expo next week. (Although he’s been blabbing about it on Twitter for a while.)

The title “Huck” suggests notes of American provincialism, along with common man concerns. Given Millar’s love of controversy this could have that in spades.

It could also be the book he’s been teasing doing with the suddenly very popular—and justly so— Bill Sienkiewicz? Or another A-lister?



  1. Well, the “Huck” trademark is registered to Millar and Skottie Young, so there might be a clue to the artist there.

    And given it’s by Millar, I’m assuming it’s not “huck” as in American provincialism, but “huck” as in “huckster”.

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