Today, Wizards of the Coast revealed the latest trailer for their upcoming Magic: the Gathering expansion, War of the Spark. One of the most strongly hyped sets in recent memory, War of the Spark is the culmination of a decade’s worth of Magic storytelling. It focuses on the Elder Dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas’ grand scheme to solidify his position as the strongest being in the Multiverse. And to that end, he’s lured many Planeswalkers to the city world of Ravnica, where he unleashes and undead and all powerful army of warriors upon them.
In today’s new trailer, the focus is placed on Liliana Vess. This necromancer Planeswalker has had a long journey since her introduction in Llorwyn. Initially cruel and self-centered, she’s grown to value her friends in the Justice League of Planeswalkers called the Gatewatch in a way she never could have imagined. But after defaulting on a pact she made a long time ago with four demons, her life and soul are forfeit to the broker of said pact– Bolas himself. So here, we see Liliana forced to lead Bolas’ army against her friends, other Planeswalkers, and even the innocent citizens of Ravnica. At one point, she might have gone along with Bolas’ plan with few regrets. But, as you’ll see, that’s not who Liliana is anymore.

Today, Wizards plans to unveil a number of new cards from the War of the Spark expansion. We’ll hopefully see some of the new Planeswalkers from the set, as they are the focal point of War of the Spark; so much so, in fact, that every pack of War of the Spark will contain a Planeswalker.
Stay tuned to the Beat, both right here and at our new YouTube channel, to learn more about this enormous Magic expansion and in the meantime, check out this analysis of what we’ve learned from today’s trailer.


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