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Madefire—the VC-funded IoS-based comics starter— and DeviantART, the 7th largest social network on the internet, have teamed up to share art and technology.

Madefire will allow its motion comics technology to be available on DV to present comics, and DV users will use this technology to create new limited animation comics.

Todd Allen previewed the union at Publishers Weekly: Comics produced in the motion comics app will be available for download—either for free for a fee set by the creators. Madefire’s comics will be available on the DV portal, some free and some for ten cents.

As you all know, DV is a huge repository for comics art of all kinds—but you may not have known how huge:

While it isn’t well known outside the DeviantART community, the site does have its own cartoonists. Sotira was quick to point out the work of an artist named Yuu Mei. Her signature piece, a Flash-based comic titled “1000 Words,” has been viewed 1.35 million times, downloaded another 38,000 times, has 114,000 “favorite” votes and even has 25,000 comments, a huge humber that underscores the power of the DeviantArt community.

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