Next week Comixology Originals will release Love and War #3. The latest chapter of the sports romance series comes from writer Andrew Wheeler, artist Guillermo Saavedra, colorist C.R. Chua, letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, designer Cindy Leong, and editor Allison O’Toole. Today The Beat is pleased to present an early preview of the issue, which finds Domo struggling to deal with Gabriel’s revelation from last issue.

Here’s how Comixology describes Love and War #3:

The battle for the captaincy heats up as the team heads to a joint training camp with Kingdom College! Will Domo and Jocasta be able to unite their team and lead them to victory? Or will they fall apart and embarrass themselves in front of their rivals?

Love-and-War is a queer sports rom com about how our conflicting passions can pull us in different directions!

I will be the first to admit that I never expected a comic about competitive high school tug-of-war to be an obvious winner, but Wheeler, who teamed with artist Killian Ng for the first two issues of the series, has crafted a series that is surprisingly compelling. The characters are rich and well-developed, fitting familiar archetypes and breaking them at the same time, and the tug-of-war aspect of the series adds a light absurdity to the heightened reality of the series that keeps the reader from accidentally taking things too seriously (this is a romantic comedy, after all).

Check out the preview of Love and War #3 below. The third issue of the five-part Comixology Originals series is available for preorder now, with a release date of next Tuesday, June 14th. A print collection of the series is also due out from Dark Horse in September of this year.