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With its strong characters, endlessly debatable themes and memorable set pieces, LOST is becoming quite the inspiration for a lot of art. We already linked to Vera Brosgol’s Flickr set, now here’s a companion piece from Graham Annable above with “Foggy Memories of Lost”.
Bonus, Van Jensen was inspired to create his own poster.


Bonus Bonus: Last year’s officially sanctioned Lost Undergound Art Show.


  1. Oo! I love Lost. I did my own not too long ago too. Click on my name to go there! It’s a ‘what if Hurley pitched an idea to Hanna Barbera in the 70s’ type drawing. :oD

  2. Fun illustration, Caanan.

    I’m pleasantly surprised by the work in the Underground Art Show. I was expecting something more amateurish. Some of the pieces are amazing. I’m sorry I’ve missed out on acquiring Julian Callos’ “No Man Is An Island”. It’s an engaging piece even if you don’t know a lick about LOST. Ben Strawn’s “The Number 108” is pretty sweet also.