The music-comics connection continues with WIRE HANGERS, a miniseries written by Alan Robert, bass player for Life of Agony and front man for Spoiler NYC. In true auteur fashion, Robert writes and illustrates the four-issue miniseries, due from IDW in April. (Covers are by Nelson DeCastro.) To get things going, the creators have announced a contest to put your face on a variant cover for issues #1. Go to the link and fill out your name and address, but hurry up, because the deadline is Friday.

Although best known for his music, in an interview with CBR Robert reveals much more comic book cred than your average nerdlebrity:

I’ve always wanted to be a comic book artist. I remember drawing black and white comics back in high school that I would photocopy and sell at a local Brooklyn comic shop. Yes, the content was pretty graphic back then, too! But, when I got really serious about it in the early ‘90s, I received a scholarship to study cartooning under Walt Simonson at SVA. I learned a hell of a lot about page layout and storytelling from him. Walt would bring in guest speakers all the time, including his wife Louise, who would share their knowledge about the comic industry and give us useful, practical tips about surviving in the field as freelance artists. It was a real eye opening experience, hearing stories from the mouths of these great comic book legends.