§ Joe Alterio at Indirect Collaboration posts a Q & A with Charles Burns and Gary Panter on their ongoing works together. [Via Flog]

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§ As noted, we skipped the Hasbro Showroom, but Splash Page didn’t and we gotta admit, that 19-inch Galactus is totally bitchin’.

§ A poignant piece on the closing of a comics shop, School of Comics Mid-City, LA.

Over Christmas, owner William Irwin called Wally to tell him the business would shut down this month.

Shocked, Wally didn’t know how to explain the situation to his customers.

“All the people I’ve met here are friendly,” he said. “I felt like I would be hurting them if I told them.”

§ Director Sylvain White (THE LOSERS) is still plugging away on an adaptation of RONIN.

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§ Jay Lynch writes to tell us that wall coverings of his cover to MINESHAFT 23 are on sale, for those looking for a bit of underground decor.

§ Finally, Brian Chippendale is back reviewing, and weighs in on Taiyo Matsumoto

My introduction to Taiyo(u) Matsumoto was through “Black and White”, AKA “Tekkonkinkreet” and it melted my mind. Originally published in 1993 it tells the story of two street orphans who control their piece of Treasure Town through a cheerful violence. It was for me a life affirming work as I, like Black and White, spent much of my time kicking mobsters in the teeth, hanging out on building tops and wrestling with which fucked up hat to wear. Fitting restlessly into the company of Oliver Twist and Tom Sawyer with a solid dose of The Five Deadly Venoms, it teaches that you can do whatever the fuck you want, and maybe even get away with it (if you don’t mind occasionally getting the shit kicked out of you).


  1. Well… I find it hard to believe that Baton Rouge, home of LSU, has only two comics shops. It’s good that there will be a new store opening.

    As for Galactus… yeah, that’s sweet, but my favorite is still the Super Hero Squad version. And he’ll be voiced by George Takei in the cartoon! To which I say, squee.

  2. But seriously, I am a huge Fantastic Four collector and I WILL be getting that puppy.

    Oh, crap. You can only get it by buying the other toys, right?

  3. Yes, it’s true, Baton Rouge (not “Mid-City”) has 2 comics shops, or did. School of Comics was my default comics shop before I moved to Portland. It was basically a capes and tights shop but the store was spacious, well-lit and nerdily well-designed and the dudes were all nice and fun to talk to, unlike at Louisiana Double Play, which is a dark cesspool where the people who work there make you feel completely unwelcome. I’m sorry to hear about SoC’s downfall, both for the people involved in running it and because that leaves BR with Double Play as its only comics shop option.