As Livewire heads into its next electric arc, Valiant Entertainment is offering a Pre-Order Edition bundle for issues #9-12, and The Beat has the exclusive reveal of the included variant covers for issues #10-12, in addition to the previously-revealed variant cover for issue #9.

Fans who want more Livewire can pre-order the entire third arc of the series before issue #9 hits shelves on Aug. 21. Those who opt for the pre-order bundle will get the exclusive variant covers below, as well as eight pages of bonus material in each of the four issues, totaling at 32 pages of new content to explore.

In addition to writing by Vita Ayala, interior art by Tana Ford, colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick and letters by Saida Temofonte, the Livewire #9-12 pre-order bundle features variant covers by Jen Bartel (#9), Elsa Charretier (#10), Kat Hudson (#11) and Chandler Ford (#12).

“Amanda McKee (aka LIVEWIRE) is one of the most badass ladies in the Valiant Universe. So it just made sense to reach out to some of the most badass women working in the comics industry today to do her pre-order variants for this arc!” said editor Heather Antos.

Antos added, “This past year has been a year of growth for Amanda—learning that sometimes even when heroes have the best intentions the results aren’t always, well, the best. And for her, that’s meant eating some serious humble pie while being the face of America’s Number 1 fugitive. Now she’s learned from her mistakes and she’s ready to confront not only them, but the world that would rather see her behind bars. [The “HERO” arc in Livewire #9-12] is all about Amanda becoming just that in the eyes of the world again—and she’s using the help of a young politician eager to help clear her name to do just that.”

Bundles are available through participating retailers. To find a comic shop near you and inquire about pre-ordering the Livewire #9-12 bundle, check out

Final Order Cutoff for the Pre-Order Bundle: July 29, 2019
On Sale Dates: 9:  Aug. 21, 2019; 10: Sept. 11, 2019; 11: Oct.9, 2019; 12: Nov. 6, 2019
Each Issue in the Bundle: $3.99, 32 pgs., T+, Full Color

Livewire #9 pre-order bundle variant by Jen Bartel
Livewire #10 pre-order bundle variant by Elsa Charretier
Livewire #11 pre-order bundle variant by Kat Hudson
Livewire #12 pre-order bundle variant by Chandler Ford


  1. These pre-order bundles are a great idea in theory but have caused me no end of heartache and frustrations. There’s two problems that really need to be addressed:
    First, the “bonus content” is usually thrown right in the middle of the story and usually contains content from the back half of the book. it kills the flow of the story and usually spoils it if you stop to read the admittedly great bonus stuff. This should either be in the back of the book, so it’s something that’s read after the story is done, or added as a supplemental book (or even heaven forbid, a digital content thing that you can redeem and view).
    The second is that I do my comic order through the horrid Previews magazine and website, which doesn’t include covers or even a reminder that you’ve ordered the bundle or not, so it’s up to me to remember if I did or didn’t order the pre-order bundle and that I shouldn’t order the next issue in the series, and just pray that my LCS doesn’t sell my copy of the book before I’m able to pick it up from my pull file. Even worse, a few shops in my town didn’t know about the bundles and just ordered the first version of the book for everyone each month, the first month of which was the bundle, so now they’re sitting on Valiant stock that they didn’t intended to purchase for everyone. This second problem is really more of a local comic shop problem, but it’s one that should have been foreseen by Valiant.

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