HeroesCon Day Two wound up a little while ago. The shot above is from opening yesterday around noon. The crowds have increased quite a bit since then. 

As usual it’s a laid back show. Most of the talk from fans and pros alike is how much they enjoy the show. Not very much newsworthy although I have been talking to many people about cons and how they approach them. Everyone agrees there are two many cons, and choosing which to go to will be based on a variety of factors. 

34 years in, HeroesCon is truly one of the “original cons.” Although its adapted to changing times, it hasn’t lost its comics focus. And that is really a pleasure. 

Publishers in attendance are mostly indie types—AdHouse, Top Shelf—with Oni set up on the floor. I saw a few Valiant and Archie folk wandering around, but NO Marvel or DC. That has made the mood in the after hours gatherings quite relaxed. 

There were as always some spectacular costumes Here are a FEW:







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