We’re back!
Brigid Alverson, Erica Friedman, Johanna Draper Carlson and Heidi MacDonald have travelled to Toronto and are joined Sean Kleefeld, Laurie Ann Davis and Morgana Rhalina Santilli Hartman – it’s SEVEN PEOPLE IN A HOTEL ROOM as we discuss the pre TCAF events, including what makes special guest Junji Ito so great, everyone’s plans for the show, discussions of Emily Carroll, Lucy Knisley, and more.
Three Women in a Hotel is the cult podcast that gives you all the scoop from comics events around the world, as Heidi, Brigid, Deb Aoki and their rotating cast of friends sit around gossiping and eating snacks in their hotel rooms.
But rest assured, we’re just getting started here at TCAF. We’ll be back daily with a varying number of people in the hotel room to talk about all the days news and events.

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