The Brave and the Bold was one of the hallmarks of DC’s Silver and Bronze Age lineups. The classic title, which teamed Batman up with a number of different heroes from throughout the DC universe, is one of those concepts that’s always rich with possibility (particularly in how it utilizes the popularity of Batman to allow creators to work with a partnering character who might not be able to support their own comics).

In the later part of the 2000’s it was relaunched with Mark Waid, George Perez, and Jerry Ordway with a great early arc that involved the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Challengers of the Unknown and others, and maybe more notably, it also spawned the James Tucker created Batman: The Brave and the Bold television series – probably still my favorite DC animated offering.

And now, the long-popular Brave and the Bold title is back, with Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp taking the reins as both writer and artist for a story that will team Batman and DC cinematic superstar Wonder Woman in a six issue mini.

Per The Washington Post, Sharp’s take will aim to mix Diana’s Amazonian heritage with that of Irish and Celtic myth, and after an Irish god perishes, she enlists Batman to solve the case.

According to Sharp, the new comic will be a continuation of his work with Greg Rucka from their time on the ongoing series, and will take place almost immediately after their run concluded. So, if you were a big fan of that year-long run, this may be of particular interest to you!

There have been a couple of recent comics that have dug into Irish folklore, but a deeper dive between Wonder Woman’s own pantheon and that of other cultures is intriguingly fertile ground.

Brave and the Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman #1 will hit shelves February 21st


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