Ley Lines is a project focused on having a dialog between comics and the world of fine art. Czap Books and Grindstone comics revealed the 2019 line-up of their joint publishing experiment. Ley Lines is published quarterly and, as per their own description is dedicated to “exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us. Each issue features a different artist’s take on a different subject matter taken from the larger context of art making, past and present.”

This year will feature the work of W.T. Frick, Diana H. Chu, Gloria Rivera and Alyssa Berg, You can see the line-up and which artists they’ll be exploring below.

  • W.T. Frick on Ursula K. Le Guin’s Lathe of Heaven and more – February 2019
  • Diana H. Chu on Patti Smith and music as universal language – May 2019
  • Gloria Rivera on John Muir and Jean Rabin Audubon – August 2019
  • Alyssa Berg on the artist’s assistant, feat. Man Ray, the Weimaraner – November 2019

Ley Lines has been one of the most interesting comics series of the last few years. Comics are essentially work of art and it’s great to see artists exploring their influence coming from other discipline. The broad range of artists they’ve brought on board to experiment with this idea of intersection of comics and fine art has been fascinating and this year should be no exception.

You can pre-order this year’s series on their website starting on February 1st. The 2019 subscription bundle will be on sale for $20 until the 28th and will be available for $28 afterwards.