Since it first branch out into licensed properties in 1999 with Star Wars, Lego has been acquiring more and more licenses for its sets. Two of its most popular sub-brands are based on the Marvel and DC superhero universes. Lego showed off plenty of superhero sets at Toy Fair this year.

Spider-Man and the Spider-Verse were very well represented at Lego’s Toy Fair booth. Mile Morales, Carnage, Spider-Gwen, Sandman, The Vulture, Green Goblin.

This arachni-bot’s legs move in unison with each other. I spent some hands-on time with it and it is very cool!

The Spider-Buggy returns! This is the Lego toy I never knew I wanted and now completely need!

Perhaps because of his co-starring role in The Lego Movie 2, Batman was also well represented at the toy-makers’s booth.

The Batman sets each feature another hero alongside Batman. Batman teams up with Aquaman in one set, and the Flash in another.

That Bat-Mech looks killer! And check out Firebug’s jet fire and Poison Ivy’s nature-mech!