Last week Telltale laid off approximately 250 employees. This week, former employee Vernie Roberts has filed a class-action lawsuit for violating the WARN act, according to Polygon.

The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which became law in 1988, stipulates that most businesses with at least 100 full-time workers must notify employees 60 days in advance of any plant closings or mass layoffs.

The laid off employees were reportedly terminated without severance.

The plaintiffs are requesting a jury trial, and are seeking to win the aforementioned compensation for the laid-off employees: an amount equal to the wages and benefits that the workers would have received if their employment continued for 60 days after their termination, plus interest, in accordance with the federal and California versions of the WARN Act.

Telltale could’ve had 60 more days of employees working on finishing up games, now they might have to pay for the equivalent of 60 days minus the work that would’ve gone with it. But it will have to go to trial first.