For those of us still licking our wounds about not being able to get up to Toronto to see the premiere of Rian Johnson‘s Knives Out at TIFF (aka the Toronto International Film Festival), the Star Wars: The Last Jedi filmmaker took to Twitter today to post 1, 2, 3, 4…. 11 (!) character posters from the Thanksgiving release.

In case you missed the earlier trailer, Johnson’s upcoming movie is his tribute to the Agatha Christie whodunit mystery that has led to movies like Clue, Julian Fellowes’ Gosford Park and the recent Ready or Not, where a rich family gets together, someone dies and a detective shows up to try to solve the murder.

And why not release 11 character posters? Johnson has assembled one of the most amazing casts of the year with Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee CurtisChristopher PlummerToni Collette, Michael ShannonDon Johnson (no relation), Lakeith Stanfield and many more. Word out of TIFF is that the movie is as hilarious as it looks, and reviews at Rotten Tomatoes are still at an unprecedented 100%, as well.

Sadly, the rest of us lowly paeons will have to wait until November sometime to see Johnson’s new movie, but you can check out Johnson’s tweet below and marvel over every single one of those 11 character posters right below it. The way each of their backgrounds matches their attire shows that a lot of thought is being put into the movie’s marketing campaign.

Knives Out

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