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Remember how you keep reading news about comics based on video games?  It’s still a thing.  In the latest deal, Game Developer Com2us has partnered with Skybound Entertainment (A.K.A. Robert Kirkman’s company) to develop a universe around their Summoners War video game.  This sounds like a transmedia deal, not strictly a comics one.  Which is to say Kirkman & company will be tapped to create that universe and stories to be used across multiple platforms – including comics and animation.

Official PR follows:

Com2us announced today it has partnered with multi-platform production company, Skybound Entertainment, to expand its flagship RPG, Summoners War, into an entertainment franchise across various mediums, including comics, animated series and beyond. This announcement was made via video moments before the final series of matches at the Summoners War World Arena Championship at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, along with Skybound co-founder and CEO, David Alpert, and  Star Wars: The Clone Wars/The Angry Birds Movie producer/CEO of Skybound North, Catherine Winder, will oversee the development of the Summoners War universe outside of the gaming space as executive producers.
This collaboration comes on the heels of Com2us’ expanded push into additional entertainment media verticals. Working closely with Com2us, Skybound promises to deliver not only a deep and engaging origin story, but content in various formats that will be the perfect companion piece to the game.
“The Summoners War team has created an incredibly compelling and fantastical world ripe with engaging characters and storytelling opportunities. We are excited and proud to partner with them to expand this rich universe, loved by so many from around the world for audiences across all cultures and ages, into multiple forms of content filled with the adventure and wonder of the game,” said Robert Kirkman, Catherine Winder and David Alpert in a joint statement.

Summoners War is a mobile turn-based strategy game that allows players to assume the role of a summoner, utilizing over 1000 monsters to fight in turn-based battles. Since its launch in 2014, the game has amassed more than 80 million downloads worldwide and generated over one billion dollars in revenue to date, defying industry means by continuing to grow in popularity worldwide. To sustain the game’s growth, Com2us will also launch more events to further engage its community of loyal fans and online influencers as well as the game’s IP.
“To say we are honored to work with such a prolific and acclaimed creator as Robert, Catherine and the entire Skybound team, is an understatement,” said Casey Lee, CEO of Com2us USA, Inc. “Robert has proven that he is a master of blending human drama and fantasy, while Catherine has been a veteran adaptor of major franchises into other mediums. There is no doubt in our minds that we are working with the best creators possible for building the Summoners War universe. We know how passionate and committed our fans are and our partnership with Skybound will not only allow for a deeper and more engaging Summoners War experience but also strengthen the IP’s brand equity.”
Com2us’ decision to partner with a multi-platform company that specializes in storytelling and building large, multi-tiered worlds in all forms of content was another key factor.
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