Back in 2018 the Conan licensing rights returned to Marvel after more than a decade of Conan comics published through Dark Horse. Wasting no time, Marvel announced a new Conan ongoing series with an all-star creative team of writer Jason Aaron joined by penciler Mahmud Asrar and colorist Matt Wilson. The team’s run lasted for over a year with much acclaim from fans of the Robert E. Howard character. Today, the publisher announced that the original team that relaunched Conan for Marvel are returning for a new saga with King Conan, a six-issue miniseries.

Here’s how Marvel and Aaron described the series:

As Robert E. Howard posited, when King Conan grows restless on the throne, he sails west, toward land and adventure unknown. Now see the first step of King Conan’s fateful journey from Aquilonia, as an old and terrible danger threatens to end the saga of the Cimmerian once and for all!

“I knew as soon as Mahmud, Matt and I finished “The Life and Death of Conan” in CONAN THE BARBARIAN, one of the absolute personal highlights from my career as a comic book writer, that I wasn’t done hanging out with everyone’s favorite Cimmerian,” Aaron said. “As King Conan rode into the sunset at the end of that story, with his son, Prince Conn, by his side, I always knew where I wanted that story to take us next. Now at last comes that next chapter, as Mahmud, Matt and I reunite to reveal a pivotal moment in Conan’s life as a king, as a father, as a mortal enemy of snake-worshipping Stygian wizards and as a barbarian who was orn to chase the wind, even to the ends of the earth.”

Asrar further added:

“By Crom, we’re finally bringing the barbarian-turned-king to the readers,” Asrar said. “It’s criminal how much I’m enjoying drawing each panel in this book considering what we’re putting him through.”

Check out the cover by Asrar below and look for King Conan #1 (of 6) to arrive in stores on Wednesday, December 15th.

King Conan


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