Okay this is one project that really truly deserves all your support! IT’s The Scary Godmother Doll designed by creator Jill Thompson. As you can see from the pictures the detail and appearance is amazing. And for $5 you get A BRAND NEW JUST FOR THIS KICKSTARTER SCARY GODMOTHER COMIC.

A brand new, 10 page, painted Scary Godmother story created specifically for this Kickstarter. Follow the Scary Godmother and her Monster pals as they make their way to the Spectral Six Convention! The first new story in quite a long while! Plus cool pinups by some of comicdoms most excellent artists! Like Jaime Hernandez, for example!! Available to you as a digital PDF! (Wanna be IN this comic? Check out the I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP incentive below!)

The project has raised some money but has a bit to go, so if you want to see one of indie comics most distinctive characters get a fantastic doll, go check out all the incentives.




  1. It would be really great if she would let the people who supported her with this doll know what is going on. It was supposed to be delivered in April it is now September and there has been no updates from her since July.

  2. Hi,

    You were happy to run this article on how wonderful it was that Jill Thompson was running a kickstarter to produce a Scary Godmother doll.

    Now two and a half years later, no one has got their dolls, Jill’s silence on kickstarter is deafening and she refuses to respond to the people who gave her over $200,000 to produce these dolls while living the life of a minor celebrity. I wonder whether or not you might now be just as happy to put together something about how she has let down so many of her fans down fans who now feel that she has ripped us off and simply taken the money and run or whether you too will just put it down to her being a creative and not a business woman.

    I personally hope you actually are willing to write a piece on how she has destroyed the dreams of a whole host of children and fans.

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