If you were a reader of Cerebus, Dave Sim’s highly eccentric and yet amazing 300 issue comic, you that one thing Sim was good at was long, long text pages. (Sometimes too long.) It seems that he’s now transferred his voluble nature to the Moment of Cerebus blog, despite his avoidance of the internet, where he goes on (and on) at length about the digital archiving process of Cerebus. I think. It seems that the first attempts at doing this did not go so well, at least as far as I can gather. And he now has a big printing bill to pay off. To help do so he’s launched a Kickstarter for CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER ONE by Dave Sim which will be an Artist’s Edition type portfolio of 10 Cerebus pages with commentary and…stuff. I think this is the clearest explanation of what this is, although there is also a FAQ:

CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER ONE folio will be signed and numbered based on the final number of copies pledged for when the one-month Kickstarter campaign has ended.  The “500 available” is a very unlikely upper maximum number. All proceeds will go towards the Restoration and Preservation of the CEREBUS and HIGH SOCIETY volumes.  Additional funds (if any) will go towards the Restoration and Preservation of future volumes, starting with the 1200-page CHURCH & STATE and READS.

There will be a new Kickstarter campaign every quarter for each successive release of a CEREBUS ARCHIVE FOLIO.

Although doing this 10 pages at a time will take 100 years, what is life without the impossible?

The Kickstarter has already made its modest $800 (CND) goal, but I guess there’s a big bill to be paid. And the pages are beautiful. No one ever said they weren’t.

Previous Cerebus Kickstarters were also very complex — what WAS that Audio Cerebus thing anyway?—and this one is too. But, if you like Cerebus you’ll probably have the smarts to figure it out.


  1. “what WAS that Audio Cerebus thing anyway?”

    There’s a digital version of Cerebus, at least High Society where Dave Sim reads out all the text of the comic all done the voices of the various characters. He does a pretty good job of the majority of characters.

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