J.T. Yost writes to alert us to a successful Kickstarter for a great sounding project called DIGESTATE, a food-theme anthology:

The DIGESTATE food & eating themed anthology will collect about 265 pages worth of comics by over 50 cartoonists. Originally the anthology was going to include half vegan artists and half carnivorous (omnivorous?) artists, but it has since expanded to include everyone in between those two extremes (there were just too many talented people, and we couldn’t bear to exclude them!). 

Each artist has approached the theme in a manner exclusive to their own personality. There are some autobiographical comics (both funny and heart-wrenching), some fictional comics, some akin to an essay and others that defy categorization altogether. 

Contributors include Jeffrey Brown, James Kochalka, Renee French, Brian Ralph, Noah Van Sciver, Box Brown, and the proverbial “more”, all being profiled at Yost’s blog, with some notewrothy observations.