Somehow I have neglected to mention until this moment that Jackie Estrada is crowdfunding a second book of photos taken at conventions over the years, this one focusing on the 90s.

The first volume was a roaring success. This second one (Despite not having me on the cover) looks to be just as good. And the perks are excellent.

This volume covers youthful looks for most of today’s superstars.

That’s Frank MIller, Neil Gaiman, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bernie Wrightson and Dave Gibbons from 1991.


And Chris Ware and the late Kim Thompson from 1993.

There’s also a very rare photo from an event that I didn’t think any photos existed for, the VERY FIRST Freinds of Lulu Meeting at the Cafe Lulu in San Diego:


That’s Cat Yronwode, Lee Marrs, unknown, the late Kim Yale, Martha Thomases and Maggie Thompson. Veteran warriors all.

Anyway, this kickstarter is at the “halfway done 50% funded” spot, so it could use a little kick.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Heidi! You may not be on the cover, but you will definitely in the book, along with hundreds of other industry folks who were mainstays at conventions in the 1990s–not just San Diego but also shows like WonderCon, Chicago Comic Con, APE, and SPX.

  2. Jimmie, you are definitely in the book! Lots of people used the first book as a “yearbook” to be signed, and this one will work even better, since more of the people in it are still around and attending shows.

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