This went out last week but I haven’t seen it noted too much in comics circles: Kickstarter has added subcategories to the various main categories for projects. 94 subcategories were added, to aid both creators and backers in finding suitable projects.

There are five subcategories in comics:

Comic Books
Graphic Novels

You can access the new categories by going here and clicking on comics.

Clicking around, I found 15 anthologies, 19 comic books, 10 events, 19 graphic novels and 10 webcomics. This only reflects the projects tat have been categorized however, as there are dozens of currents comics Kickstarters running, including the successful Study Group one I nabbed the illo from.


  1. There’s just a small sampling of projects in each subcategory at the moment, but any creators with live projects can select those subcategories if they like, and any creators of past Comics projects can write in if they’d like their projects listed in those categories (and they should!).

  2. There are tons of comics projects on Kickstarter right now. We weren’t quite sure how to categorize our current KS project, “Zombie Wife, And Other Tales of Supernatural Law,” because technically it isn’t a graphic novel, it’s a collection of comics and webcomics stories, but it’s a 160-page trade paperback. Batton Lash and I have done four KS projects so far and we have been very pleased with the results. Here’s the link for “Zombie Wife”: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1379875462/zombie-wife-and-other-tales-of-supernatural-law

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