I have to calm down with my Kickstarter support because I forget which projects I supported. A month passes by and all of a sudden I get hit with NSF fees. I need to mange my money better and stop making dreams come true.

Vex by Brian Shearer and Daniel Paris


I really like the book’s 15 second elevator pitch:

An arrogant high school jock wrongs a gypsy lunch lady who curses his yearbook so whatever people write in it comes literally true.

You might know Brian Shearer because you like his work Transformers, GI Joe, Doctor Who or his original ideas like Vex & Deputy Witch and Fan of Hats & Cheese.


You can try it before you buy it because the projected originally started out as a free webcomic. Incentives include PDF versions of the book, printed copies of the book, postcards, and prints. I have never heard of Shearer before now, but I intend to check out his previous work because of this project.

The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change by Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein

Hi there, I’m Yoram Bauman, an environmental economics Ph.D. and “the world’s first and only stand-up economist“. I’m also the co-author (with the illustrator Grady Klein) of the two-volume Cartoon Introduction to Economics.


I really believe in the subject matter and I enjoy the idea that they are using comics to explain this global crisis to anyone that can read pictures and words. We need more comic books like this.

Side note: If you’re intrested in this project, then you will really like Chasing Ice.

Island Press is a non-profit publisher, so we’re looking to raise $20,000 to help cover the time and effort we’re putting into this book. If you’d like to stay in the loop but can’t contribute just send me an email and I’ll keep you in the loop. And if you can contribute then Thank You. Make sure to check out the awesome rewards on the right, and please help spread the word


Pretentious Record Store Guy By: Carlos Gabriel Ruiz

Seriously, who doesn’t like pretentious people? $25 pledge gets you the 96 page physical and digital copy of the book,thank you credits, book mark (who cares), (pretentious hipster) cool vinyl record button, and a f*cking coffee mug. I’m a sucker for coffee cups.

Pretentious Record Store Guy is a three issue miniseries written and illustrated by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz about a guy who works in a record store, goes to all of the coolest shows, and knows about all the new, up-and-coming bands before you do.  While his life is made in the shade, his hair is epic, and his record collection is worth a small fortune (in some circles), he realizes that he’s been coasting for far too long and that life is passing him by.  What does he do?

Henry Barajas is the co-creator, writer and letterer for El Loco and Captain Unikorn. He has also written and lettered short stories for two successful Kickstarter SpazDog Press projects: Unite and Take Over: Stories inspired by The Smiths and Break The Walls: Comic Stories inspired by The Pixies.  He is the Newsroom Research Assistant for The Arizona Daily Star and was nominated for the Shel Dorf Blogger of the Year award for his work at The Beat.  You can follow him on Twitter @HenryBarajas.