C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD, so get ready to hit reload.

Our cast of characters include Andy Diggle , Michael Carroll , Paul Cornell and some noob named Heidi MacDonald.

Q: What do Americans know about Dredd.

Heidi: I was surprised it only went back to the 70s.  The legacy is extraordinary, it’s part of the British invasion of creators.

Q: Paul, you’ve been reading it digitally.  What’s it like?

Paul: (is laying it on a bit too enthusiastically how convenient it is).  It’s nice that it’s on the Apple Newsstand and not in a comics-specific app.

Q: (To Andy) As an ex-editor, how is 2000 AD doing?

Andy: It seems to be doing well.  He hears a lot of people talking about it.  A lot of Americans think it’s a Stallone movie, but that’s changing.  There are more flavors/genres/voices in the current version than when he was editing.

Q: What’s coming up in Judge Dredd?

A:  A 6-parter is starting next week dealing with the fallout of the Chaos War storyline.

Q: What happens when 2000 AD starts getting US creators?

Heidi: A global comic style is emerging.  The English influence emerged with Vertigo, but it’s probably time to return the favor.  Comics are international now.

Andy:  The Internet makes it easier to work in different countries.  The material is created digitally now.

Paul: There’s a house art style.  It’s a crisp style, as opposed to Simon Bisley.

Andy: You can draw comics from anywhere if you can understand the script.  There can be translation problems.

Q: Is there an artist who hasn’t worked on Judge Dredd who should be.

A(s): Mignola, Sprouce, Brandon Graham, Jeff Smith

Returning to 2000 AD this year: in June, Glenn Fabry (cover); for the 30th anniversary of Slaine,  Bisley is back as is Fabry.

In September, there will be a sequel to the Dredd movie in he Judge Dredd Megazine.

Q: What character would you like to see in the next 2000 AD movie?

Paul: Slaine

Andy: Halo Jones, Strontrium Dog, Rogue Trooper

Mike: Strontium Dog, an animated ABC Warriors


Q: Was Looper based on a 2000 AD strip?

A: It’s a popular plot.

Q: Is there anything similar to Kickstarter Judge Dredd miniatures game?

A: In this week’s newsletter they’re announcing a new line of miniatures.

Q: Since there isn’t a sequel to the movie, will there be some web shorts instead?

A: Lion’s Gate have the rights to Judge Dredd.  See Judge Minty.

Q: Will more properties be licensed to IDW??

A: No comment.

Q: Games Workshop used to have a RPG, is there more of that/

A: As far as I know, no.

Q: Judge Dredd ages in real time.  In 10 years, isn’t Dredd going to be too old?

Paul: Killing Dredd and meaning it would be “the most wonderful thing.”

Andy: Dredd could never retire.  But there’s also no editorial edicts about sales and IP.  When John Wagner decides to retire, perhaps Dredd will bite the bullet.

Mike: There’s no reason Dredd’s brain couldn’t live on in a clone’s body.  There are plenty of clones.  But if Dredd dies, it will be a real death, not a DC/Marvel death.



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