At C2E2 Mark Waid announced that Thrillbent Comics would be expanding to include an All-Ages line later this year – hurray – and that the first comic signed up will be Art Baltazar and Franco’s Aw Yeah! Comics.


Aw Yeah! Comics will become available through Thrillbent as of today, with the comics up on ComiXology. Aside from offering the comics – built up via a massively successful Kickstarter campaign – online, however, Thrillbent will also begin to host exclusive content from the Aw Yeah! Comics team over the next few months. This was announced as the first part of an active effort to include more all-ages content on Thrillbent, which can only be an excellent idea.



  1. A cat and bear who work at a comic book store.
    Sounds like my autobio comic I started back in 2000. You can catch the color submission that was dropped from PopGun in 2009 at my Deviantart page

    I’ve known of Art since I first met him at Motor City Con in the early 90’s, I doubt if he remembers but I even shared some brush techniques with him before he transitioned from Sharpies in his CrayBaby days. He has always had a real kid friendly appeal and been delightful to talk with.

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