Well, this seems perfect. The folks behind Cartozia Tales – an all-ages fantasy anthology based around the mythical land of Cartozia – have today launched a Kickstarter to help them turn the book into a series. Having previously launched and published a first issue on their own, followed by a second issue coming out sometime around now, they’re looking to move onwards and publish up to issue #10 of the series.


The premise of the series is all based around the above map of Cartozia. Seven creators handle each issue – Sarah Becan, Lucy Bellwood, Shawn Cheng, Lupi McGinty, Tom Motley, Jen Vaughn and Mike Wenthe – with two guest artists appearing in each issue. Each of the seven originally picked one area of the map and filled it with their own choice of characters, telling the stories they want to tell within a broadly fantasy-based narrative. With each subsequent issue, the various creators switch round and tell new stories featuring the existing characters, building up a World filled with different stories and ideas.

The anthology is edited by Isaac Cates, who wrote the Kickstarter appeal. The team are looking for just under $40000 for the project, which seems to equate as being around 700-800 people subscribing for the remaining issues. The guest artists lined up for future issues include people like Maris Wicks, Ben Towle, Luke Pearson and Corinne Mucha – some pretty great creators.

The Kickstarter page can be found here. You can also find out more about the project over at the Cartozia website. Fingers crossed this makes the goal!