§ Nice Art: Indie comics festival Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017 has a poster (and Guests: Chris Ware, Jules Feiffer and Emil Ferris.) And the poster is by Emil “My Favorite Thing is Monsters” Ferris. V. cool.

§ Like everyone on earth, I have a Google news alert set to my name, and lately it’s been going off all the time. While at first I thought my efforts were finally getting the attention they deserve after years of neglect, it turns out there is another Heidi MacDonald and she plays in the Leo Fahey Ladies Twilight Softball League, which, for some reason, the local paper writes about. A lot.

Judith Rogers and Bev Sheehan paced the Blue Jays with a double and two singles each, and other batsmen for the Blue jays were Raylene MacPherson and Jan Ferguson with a double and single, Heidi MacDonald and Heather Dobleday with three singles, and two singles each from the bats of Jill Davidson, Jackie Morrisey, Debbie MacLean and Sonya Henderson.

I wasn’t quite sure where “The NG News” is from, but after a bit of sleuthing I determined it was New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. This league’s play is so compelling it was also written about in the Pictou Advocate! And we learn more about Heidi:

“We try to mix up the teams so everyone has a chance to compete,” he said. “They’re a really cohesive bunch, a cross between competitive and recreation ball. It’s a good mix. The players’ ages and skill sets vary. Heidi MacDonald is an accomplished middle distance runner, while Raylene MacPherson rides horses. Both are in their 20s.

Hm, this Heidi is younger and stronger. This could be bad. There have been “other” Other Heidi MacDonald’s – one was a model from Australia – but so far I’ve been able to maintain my supremacy as Queen of the Heidi MacDonald Hill.

But will this new, athletic Heidi who sprays hits to all fields be the one?


§ Many stories in my feed today along these lines, but this is the best, perhaps: What Was the Point of Marvel’s Secret Empire?

This story is also involved (spoiler!!!)

Seeing Superheroes Assemble Is the Most Boring Part of Comics


§ Zainab has a go at spine design and it’s a barnburner!

§ The annual round-up of cosplay from Wizard World Chicago.

§ But the cosplay from this weekend’s Long Beach Comic Con is yet to be seen!

But more than anything, the return of Comic Con will be signaled by hundreds of cosplayers who will descend on Long Beach for the weekend. The cosplayers include a mix of amateurs dressing up as their favorite characters and the pros who have mastered the art of disguise and travel from one comic con to another. “I’m really excited (for Long Beach) because I have a new cosplay that I’m debuting — my Cheetah cosplay,” said Alkali Layke, an Idaho resident who only goes by her cosplayer name, which was inspired by the name of the military complex in the X-Men movies. “And that’s Cheetah from Wonder Woman, not Cheetah from Thunder Cats.”

William Shatner and many cartoonists also appear.

§ What is the best comic book movie of all times? I already solved that here, but ComicBook.Com also has a running total as ranked by the fans. Funnily enough after I looked at the list, it was no longer available. Maybe it will be again by the time you read this. Persepolis was #11 and there were three pages of 50 movies each, so there have been a LOT of comic book movies.

§ Old news, but wort noting that Barry Matthews has stepped down as co-owner of Secret Acres, the esteemed indie comics company. Leon Avelino will remain on board.

§ It’s official! Summer box office for the movies was awful!

This year is currently slumping 5.7% behind 2016, and 14% behind for the summer. The month of August has been particularly slow. The biggest hits of the month are “Annabelle: Creation,” “The Dark Tower,” and “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” two of which have yet to make $50 million domestically. Meanwhile, “Suicide Squad” set records for the month of August in 2016, leaving the month this year pacing over 34% behind. After Labor Day weekend, the summer is expected to finish 15.7% behind last year’s benchmark.

The #1 movie of the Summer was…Wonder Woman! And you all laughed! Here’s a snapshot of the top 20. That Baby Driver was #11 tells you all you need to know – not that it was a bad movie, just that an Edgar Wright movie was a hit.


Why movies are so moribund you can argue. Crappy movies? Too much TV? People glued to Donald Trump’s twitter feed? A bit of all three?

The top ten is loaded with sequels; significantly, Wonder Woman and Dunkirk were essentially new material. People still like that, think.


  1. Jamie — “Logan” opened in March, as I recall. The Summer Movie list starts in May these days. Looks like GOTG2 kicked things off in the first week of May.

    Give it another couple years, and March 3rd will likely be considered a summer release date, at this rate… ;-)

  2. Who laughed at Wonder Woman being successful? I believe people had doubts because the DC movies aren’t usually very well received, but WW looked aces from the start.

    People have Google alerts set for their name? I would have never thought of that…

    Movies slumping goes right along with wages not rising for so long. The economy has so many bad signs. Millenials basically get screwed hard.

  3. I missed your solution, Heidi! What IS the best the best comic book movie of all time? TinTin? Crumb? Tales From the Crypt? A History of Violence? Red Sonja? Casper?

  4. I don’t think I’d count WONDER WOMAN as a non-sequel, not after being set up in DAWN OF JUSTICE and with the framing sequence. It may not be a numbered sequel, but it’s definitely the latest in a serialized, interconnected franchise, just as SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is.

  5. Saw Wonder Woman and Dunkirk on the same afternoon, in an almost empty cinema. I recommend both movies and the non-crowd experience.

  6. Paraphrasing a great American philosopher… lights please:

    Of all the Heidi MacDonald’s in this world, you’re the Heidi MacDonaldest.

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