§ Actress Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in the Superman serials of the 50s to George Reeve’s Superman passed away at age 95 over the holiday after a long illness. Neill was a fine, foundational Lois and one of the early “nerdlebrities” at comic-cons where she gained a reputation as a feisty, lovely woman.

§ Cartoonist Rick Friday was canned from Farm News after he sassed a sponsor with humor, as cartoonists are supposed to do. But he’s been rehired!

Friday said he received more than a thousand Facebook messages of support from around the world and has had job offers to draw for several different publications. But Friday was happy when Farm News called him recently to apologize and asked him to return, he said. They had been under negotiations for a while, Friday said, and his work was back in the publication July 1.

§ Nadia Bauman looks at Codename Baboushka and views of Russian culture in comics.

§ Not a bad idea: We Need A New Captain Britain And It Needs To Be Faiza Hussain


§ Here is a review of a comic called “Dean Ambrose vs. The Mole People” by Joe Hunter which you can buy on Patreon. I guess with Punk and Bryan gone, it’s going to be Dean Ambrose, right? 

§ Many more people than you’d expect spent the holiday weekend using dumpster fires for their barbecues. . Seriously, I am not going to link to discuss except to say that one person said they were so mad at Marvel they could no longer even think of making that Captain America bundt cake we told you about last week. So, this is serious, just in case you hadn’t figured that out already.