§ Nice Art: Benjamin Dewey is selling art to help pay for medical bills from the death of a pet. And his art is very very nice. Condolences on his loss.

BTW: I know this art was colored (and very well by Jordie Bellaire) but notice how Dewey leaves some white space in each page? Balance and a place for the eye to rest. Important.

§ Greg Pak looks back on his old D&D materials and is both appalled and enthralled.

This was supposed to be hilarious. But at the age of 49, I’m sitting at my desk staring at hundreds of pages of character sheets, drawings, histories, blueprints, maps, Centaurian language notes, castle budgets, and constitutional documents I created for my imaginary Dungeons and Dragons world as a kid in the 1980s, and I’m overwhelmed. Individually, every document is hilarious, full of sentences like, “The unicorns, primarily, pay no tax and roam freely.” I’m absolutely delighted with the kid-me who wrote hundreds of sentences like, “Goblins listed as citizens are a small tribe of neutral druidic goblins. They are generally accepted by the rest of the community, for they have none of the violent tendencies of their evil cousins.” I could write for days about all of this glorious detail and worldbuilding and how it clearly paved the way for me as an adult to write books like Planet Hulk, Kingsway West, and Mech Cadet Yu. 

§ Newsarama catches that Justin Eisinger has been named Editorial Director of GNs & Collections at IDW, continuing their reorg. He was formerly Senior Editor.

§ Rouses Portal is starting a series called How To Get Into Comics: An Introduction which is not about breaking in but literally about how to start reading comics.


§ Gothamist is back and has started a feature called Sketchy Interviews

Sketchy Interviews is a new recurring series on Gothamist in which we will feature visual interviews with some of the best illustrators, cartoonists and graphic artists working in the city today.

And they start with Roz Chast so WOW!

§ Every few years, someone becomes aware of the greatness of cartoonist Rube Goldberg, and today it is The Smithsonian 

During his 72-year career, cartoonist Rube Goldberg produced more than 50,000 drawings and thousands of comic strips. In 1922, Goldberg was so sought after that a newspaper syndicate paid him $200,000 for his comic strips – the equivalent of around $2.3 million today, and in the ’40s and ’50s, he was famous enough to endorse products like cough drops, socks and Lucky Strike cigarettes (although he personally only smoked cigars.)


§ IGN celebrates The 25 Most Iconic Comic Book Covers of All Time, which should actually be “The 25 most iconic Marvel and DC Covers of All Time” because there is no Yummy Fur.


§ Free Comic Book Day is coming and Green Brain Comics is Dearborn will celebrate its 17th FCBD. 17 years!!!!!!!!

§ Wow! Everyone is talking about Avengers: Infinity War! Everyone is taking each and every Kevin Feige and Russo Bros interview and making an article out of each sentence! The Beat should do that, right? Fangirls and guys are going nuts and Serious Film People are (legit) utterly bemused by a movie that is just an episode and has the bleakest ending since Pan’s Labyrinth.

Over at the New Republic, Jeet Heer, Alex Shephard, and Josephine Livingstone wonder Is Marvel Killing the Movies? HAS EVERYTHING BEEN SPOILED??

You’re right, Alex, that it felt like an All-Star Game. But how do you restart a franchise once its audience is used to the ice cream-for-breakfast feel of a movie like this? Marvel has deep-fried its kebab with this film, and I cannot imagine an effective next move, in filmmaking terms.

I think it is possible that life will never be the same after Avengers 4. But it was never the same after Xanadu either.

§ Slashfilm wonders What Will Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 Plans Look Like? and suggest a bunch of heroes that might be suitable for the 20s and beyond. Hercules? I say WOODGOD.

§ TVLine suggests that ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Mentions Coming to ‘Agents of SHIELD’ but given The Sundering, what this will really mean is someone on AoS will mention that there are people called The Avengers.



§ Why are more people not talking about the Wasp’s boob armor. It is profoundly troubling.