§ Beware the timeslot! It seems that the aborted single season of Beware The Batman will finish but new episodes will be shawn at 3 am. Talk about a vote of confidence. Of course there is DVR for those who aren’t night owls. Why did this show flop so badly?

§ There is a newish (two years) comics company called OSSM Comics that I got a few PR pieces about. They publish actionish comics. It is owned by Omar Spahi and Siike Donnely is also involved.

§ PW Talked to Roz Chast about her great new book, Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant.

§ PW also talked to G. Willow Wilson about the new Ms. Marvel.


§ Here is an interesting piece about how 1951 comic from WITCHES’ TALES was bowdlerized and the original version is seen for the first time (swell sort of) since 1951. The post-Wertham version consisted of less cleavage and bigger American flags.

§ Author Solutions and Golden Apple Comics have teamed up to offer self-publishing and marketing services for graphic novel authors.

§ In this week’s outrage there was this extremely stupid t-shirt at WonderCon that insulted both fangirls and coffee. And pro-fangirl and coffee t-shirts have been made in response. Because..people like coffee. The above link covers the response of the t-shirt maker who is one Facebook, who said that “we hate fanboys too and blah blah.” Really, Rebecca Pahle’s piece above is a smart round-up of the kerfuffle, which included a spirited and excellent piece by Greg Rucka about his daughter. I looked at the FB page from the t-shirt maker in question and one thing I noticed — he’s a young guy. I mean maybe he looks young for his age but I’d guess early 20s. And people that age do stupid stuff. Sorry, kids. I think it’s worth remembering that a lot of the current problem stems from dumbass kids. It doesn’t make it any better but it is important to know the source of the shade.

§ I liked this Compendium of Comic Maps

§ I am sad to report that whether or not Almost Human has been renewed is STILL NOT KNOWN. This show will forever have a place in my heart for the scene where Kennex begs Dorian “Don’t scan my testicles.” HAS NO ONE MADE A GIF OF THIS YET? Yes they did! Anyway I’m sure no news is bad news, and this show is doomed. In the meantime, here is a fine run down of Karl Urban’s many geek roles.


  1. Genre shows are always quick to get the axe. I liked Almost Human, but I also like Revolution, Believe, and The Following. Of all 4, I want Revolution back the most followed by Believe. Almost Human’s first season ends with a satisfying conclusion so at least if it’s not renewed we’re not left hanging. If Revolution is not renewed, I just know there’s years of material that those people have yet to explore, and I would be disappointed if they didn’t get the chance.

    Being a genre television fan is just asking for heartbreak. Thanks, networks.

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