201404240348.jpgThere’s a pretty lively discussion of Comixology’s Submit program going on in the comments of this post. And while SUbmit seems to be a very useful thing, it seems taht a lot of books that are…submitted to the program are rejected on technical grounds.

In the above post I mentioned that I couldn’t easily find the guidelines on the Submit page but after asking around I am told that you can find the guidelines for formatting here. From looking at the page I can see that it’s still a little vague on some of the specifics, but the screen shots seem pretty clear. It’s also clear that just popping your comic into the pdf format is a crocodile infested riverbank of things that can go wrong to make the book unsuitable for Comixology.

I’m told an even more comprehensive and discoverable version of these specs will be provided in the future.

Submit art above by Shannon Wheeler.

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