§ Amazon has released the Kindle Comic Creator—pretty much you just dump in your comics and Bam! Out comes something you can load onto a Kindle.

§ Image’s Eric Stephenson reveals some metrics on just how good their year was:

Our first quarter in 2013 is right around double our first quarter in 2012, both in units and in dollars, so on that level, things are looking good. I mean, we had a truly phenomenal 2012, so to come off that and kind of keep rolling is a great feeling, especially given that the first quarter is traditionally the slowest part of the year. We’ve been very fortunate to be associated with so many great writers and artists, though, and yeah, one of the things we’ve been doing — and something we’ll be doing more of as we head into the summer — is focusing on our ongoing books, instead of just striking up the band for the new series. There has been such a glut of relaunches over the last few years, and I think a lot of readers realize that anyone can relaunch a series with a new first issue, it’s getting to issue 25, to issue 50, to issue 100…that’s the trick. If you’re going to put out a bunch of first issues, do it right. Give people something new. We’ve got a pretty good balance of new and existing material going right now, and I think it’s just as important for people to know how awesome “Chew” is and what John Layman and Rob Guillory have got going in that, as it is for them to know we’re launching a new book — “Lazarus” — by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark.

§ That TORSO movie, based on the Bendis graphic novel about Eliot Ness, is still in the works, with David Lowery writing the adaptation.

§ Alison Bechdel spoke to students at UW-Madison:

She said she felt a connection with the cartooning medium from an early age, when she was inspired by Charles Addams’ comics because they represented a bridge between symbolism and reality that helped her understand her own life. “If language is unreliable and if appearances are deceiving, then maybe you can draw on both of those things and triangulate between them to get a little closer to the actual truth,” Bechdel said.


§ Webcomicker Aaron Diaz has become a Tumblr hero with his gender-reversed Legend of Zelda

“I’m a cartoonist, not a game designer, and this whole thing was just to prove that a compelling female lead in one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises would be a smart move for everyone,” Diaz said. “I’m sure I’ll do more Kickstarters in the future, but like with The Tomorrow Girl, it will be based on my own creations.”