The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is the largest collection of comics and comics art in the world. In this charming video by Julie Sokolow, curator Caitlin McGurk leads lucky cartoonists Ed Piskor, Jasen Lex, and Jim Rugg on a magical history tour as they gasp in awe at Bushmiller, Schulz, and Kubert originals…as who would not. Along the way the joyous news that the facility will be moving from its current 7000 sq. ft. to a massive 40,000 sq. ft. facility this fall. Now that’s progress.

The move is being celebrated with a Grand Opening Festival in November.

Via Boing Boing


  1. Fascinating video. The artwork is beautiful.

    However I cringed when I saw both staff and visitor touching the actual art surface of the works, even with gloved fingers. And one artist rubbing his gloved fingers on his face and ears. Those are real ‘no-nos.’

    And there is no mention anywhere of where this museum is located, but I Googled it to discover that it is in Columbus Ohio US.

    Wow, what a fantastic collection! Best of luck to them.

  2. Currently, it’s in the basement part of the Mershon Auditorium next to the Wexner Center. It’ll be way easier to find once they move into the new space. I always look forward to the open house tour they do every year during S.P.A.C.E. I need to pop by more often.

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