§ The Golden Globes awards telecast last night had many moving moments, from Meryl Streep’s passionate speech, Viola Davis’s heartfelt intro to Streep, stirring wins for Atlanta and Moonlight, a record setting sweep for La La Land, and Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot (with charming baby bump) presenting an award together and blinding the world with superheroic good looks.

But for our kind, the best moment, the one that launched a thousand ships, came when a dizzy Goldie Hawn announced the winner for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical, and said “Ryan….” sending a thousand chimichanga loving hearts soaring, only to follow it with “…Gosling.” As Gosling trotted to the stage, Ryan Reynolds – also a nominee in the category for Deadpool, reached out for comfort to Andrew Garfield who was sitting near, and they had a big old smooch.

Maybe there is a God.

§ Later on at the Fox party, Rob Liefeld was spotted snapping a selfie with Donald Glover. I wondered if Liefeld’s busy Instagram feed would have the proper version and yeppers!

§ Oh and for your Thor/Wonder Woman fantasies:

Mark Hamill has started a new project called “The Trumpster” where he reads Donald Trump’s tweets in the voice of the Joker. Hilarious!


  1. “Who’ll be their Hunter S. Thompson or Spider Jerusalem?)”

    Not anyone currently practicing journalism, and definitely nobody in TV news, judging from the piss-poor job they did covering the election. In other words, the free ride (and endless free airtime) they gave the Trumpster. They didn’t want to offend their ratings cash cow.

  2. It happens, Heidi. You forget one, and then you forget you did.

    Unless you don’t. Then some day you can tell your grandchildren, “Once upon a time, I wanted so much to forget some year, I plumb forgot it was the next one already.”

    Not unlike Kelly Thompson, who had to list the fifty states and forgot… I can’t remember which one she forgot. (“You forgot Poland.”) (“Shup up, George.”)

  3. Simon: I’m afraid we may have rely on Samantha Bee and Alec Baldwin (and their writers) to remind us that The Donald has no clothes. Them and Paul Krugman on the NYT’s op-ed page. At least, for as long as they’re allowed to ridicule him.

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