Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/21/14: Now with REAL news!

§ I was wondering when the second volume of March will be out and according to Chris Staros, it will be available in April.

§ Former Beat Cartoonist of the Month Connie Sun is now being published on GoComics. Congrats, Connie!


§ Hermes Press is offering a Free Comic Book Comics featuring Scratch9 and Bo Obama, the white house pet/ The story is written by Rob Worley and illustrated by Justin Castaneda.

The story “Cat America/Dog America” answers the question: Why is the President banning cats from America?   “As I always aim for with Scratch9, this is mostly a loopy, fun adventure that also touches on something important,” Worley said of the story. “In this case Scratch’s girl Penelope sets out to demonstrate that no voice is too small or unimportant to challenge our elected officials.”  


§ Volume 3 of Lora Innes’s The Dreamer, The Battle of Harlem Heightswill be out in March. This is the popular story of a young woman who goes back and forth in time to the Revolutionary War period and has adventures and romance. IDW is the publisher.

§ Wishing Marvel’s Arune Singh a speedy recovery following eye surgery!

§ 13th Dimension has been interviewing Dave Gibbons. In this part he talks about The Watchmen.

What projects across your career would you like people to be more aware of?

I’d like people to be more aware of Martha Washington, which was the thing I did with Frank Miller. We quite recently had that all collected into a single volume called “The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the 21st Century,” which is all the Martha Washington stuff together and I think it’s a stonking read! Also, there’s The Originals, which was the kind of semi-autobiographical graphic novel I did about my youthful days as a Mod. That’s something that’s very dear to my heart but, again, I did a war story with Garth Ennis, I drew Doctor Who, as you know, for years! So I’d like to think there’s a little bit more to me than just those superhero comics, but I’m just happy that people are aware of any of my work.

§ I missed Andrew Wheeler’s touching tribute to the frequently unclothed Noh-Varr, aka Marvel Boy.

§ 20 yers ago, Singapore got its first ever graphic novel

GRYPHONS imps, garuda, naga, kappa … these fantastical creatures seem an unlikely cast for what is known as Singapore’s first-ever graphic novel, Gwee Li Sui’s Myth Of The Stone, especially when you consider the material that the newer generation of Singaporean cartoonists and comic creators is producing right now (for examples of these, check out the rest of the reviews on the page). To celebrate the graphic novel’s 20th anniversary, Epigram Books has published a special edition which includes bonus features such as notes from the author, new short stories, as well as a much-needed touch-up and improvement of the artwork.

§ Last weekend The Black Comic Book Festival was held and Reese Francis has collected tweets from the panels.

§ King Features has revamped their whole online presence with a great new portal called Comics Kingdom. Alan GArdner has some comments on it.


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