Doctor Who, that bloke in a box whose TV series roared back this last decade for a whole new audience of sci-fi fans, will be heading to Titan Comics in 2014. This follows a run of comics published through IDW, and the new deal will see Titan and the BBC working together to produce comics based on the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth Doctors.


That means David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, respectively.

The license was expected to pass from IDW this year, although speculation placed the franchise in the hands of any number of other publishers. Titan seem like a smart choice, being one of the strongest publishers with a UK base, and over the next few months it looks as though the company will be announcing creators, titles, and plans for the franchise.

The comics are planned to start in 2014. When I know more – you’ll be the first to hear!


  1. Titan Comics/Titan Magazine are the publishing front for Forbidden Planet stores in the UK. They did a Torchwood comic a few years back, that got shit-canned after 5 or 6 issues.
    They also did a bunch of shitty TV show tie-in magazines of Charmed, Buffy and Torchwood.

    Most of their magazines were full of adverts for Forbidden Planet, and the articles also took great detail in mentioning Forbidden Planet and how great they were.

    They were seen by many as just glorified catalogues for Forbidden Planet and their online mail-order service.

    I’ll lay money that the comic will be a good 50% ads for Forbidden Planet and their online store (which will piss off Underground Toys who are the US distributor of Doctor Who merchandise.)

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