§ Nice Art: I’m pretty sure this was Tom Spurgeon’s favorite cartoon, and they should engrave it on his headstone. Also, B. Kliban was the best.

§ Michael Dean wrote the obituary for Spurgeon at the Comics Journal.

§ TODAY is the deadline to apply to the “Reading Comics at the Threshold:” A Roundtable on Letter Columns & Other Comics Paratexts  which will run at The Middle Spaces

CFP – “Reading Comics at the Threshold:” A Roundtable on Letter Columns & Other Comics Paratexts The Middle Spaces, an award-winning blog that covers comics, music, and culture, invites submissions for an academic roundtable on the subject of letter columns and other comics book paratexts to be co-edited by Osvaldo Oyola and Leah Misemer and published in early 2020.


7235685-L.jpg§ At WWAC, Claire Napier took a deep dive into “The Susan Problem”, a well known issue with the Narnia series, also a short story by Neil Gaiman, and now a comic drawn by P. Craig Russell. 

This story also suggests, upon contemplation, that seediness is present whether recognised or not, and that an erotic mind is not the fault of its host—that we should all, in effect, stop minding when other people are horny, because sometimes things are sexy and casting out the aroused—symbolised by Susan—is unfair. A journalist or interested writer, Greta, visits Professor Hastings to discuss her book and they turn to discussion of Susan when it emerges that Hastings’ own life has mirrored Susan’s. Greta recalls how her teacher, when she was young, said that Susan being left alive ensured that Susan had time to repent. Hastings asks “Repent what,” and Greta suggests “Not believing, I suppose… And the sin of Eve.” What the sin of Eve is goes directly unanalysed. But it’s probably supposed to be “noticing sex.” Adam and Eve were naked, and Eve’s sin was eating the apple which awoke an erotic gaze.

§ Also at WWC, Justice for Madelyne Pryor – which I am totally down with.

§ San Diego Comic-Con 2020 badges went on sales this weekend and sold out in an hour. And that’s that – if you didn’t get a badge you aren’t going.  As always, the Unofficial Comic-Con Blog has all the analysis: 

From here on out, it was a slow, steady march towards being sold out. Timing was about normal, with this year taking just a little less than Open Registration for 2019 (66 minutes for 2020 compared to 72 minutes for 2019). At 32 minutes into the process, Preview Night sold out — four minutes longer than the 28 minutes it took for 2019. Next, Saturday badges sold out, at 38 minutes (only one minute longer than the 37 minutes it took in 2019). Those were the last of the slower sell-outs, as Friday went at 43 minutes in, faster than the 47 minutes it had taken in 2019

The USDCCB estimates that only 6.11% of the people who wanted badges got them, and that for the remaining 93.89% “You would basically need an entire city to fit everyone who wants to go.”

Still want a badge? Professional reg has also closed, but special registration for press and boothworkers is yet to come. Also, last year the Comic-Con Museum auctioned off returned badges. There will be a few giveaways, and swaps and what not, but…basically if you won the lottery the planning begins now!

§ Speaking of cons, the “con/fanfest” model has now moved on to the reality world with something called “BravoCon” that took place this weekend in NYC. Sponsored directly by the Bravo TV network, it spotlighted reality stars, real housewives, and so on. I’ve often noted that folks from “Kardashian World” and Nerd World are a Venn diagram with very little overlap, but everyone likes to instagram their “Bravolebrity” encounters and the event ws a hit IRL and on social media. 

Fans of the reality-centric Bravo, home to the Real Housewives franchise, Southern Charm, Below Deck and Below Deck: Med, Vanderpump Rules, Top Chef, Project Runway and more flocked to New York City for the three-day event from Nov. 15 to 17. Tickets to the convention sold out in 60 seconds, and the resale prices surged into the thousands of dollars for the chance to attend a number of panels, events and exhibitions. The weekend featured the biggest taping of Watch What Happens Live ever, complete with appearances by 76 Bravolebrities and an audience of over 2,000 people.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather attend less.

§ AnimeNYC was also this weekend and it was Amazing! I’ll have more to say about that in the newsletter going out later.



§ Finally The Quay Brothers are selling their flat for $1.5 and it’s just as insane as you would think. The Quay Brothers are animators who make very dark, absolutely unforgettable stop motion short films that are all about junk and loneliness and death and that is what their apartment is all about. Incredibly, it’s only got one bedroom and one bathroom, but it also has an artfully junk strewn landing with a bathtub and so much more. I’m starting my Indiegogo now!

§ I haven’t been doing K’n’B in a looong time, but I realize it’s very necessary for me and the site. So I’m going to prioritize it as best I can. Thank you for your patience.