Carol Danvers is home to stay. A new Captain Marvel ongoing series is coming in January, Marvel has announced via the New York Times. The series will be written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Carmen Carnero and Tamra Bonvillain, and will bring Carol back to Earth full-time after some time spent in space guarding the planet against alien threats.

Captain Marvel is set to have a big 2019. Two months after her new series launches, Carol will hit the big screen in a solo-starring movie, and is set to play a big role in the upcoming sequel to Avengers: Infinity War. In the Times article, Thompson addressed the challenge presented by the character’s rising profile:

“You really want her to be accessible to new and younger audiences who are going to see the movie, fall in love and want to seek out other Captain Marvel stories,” Mrs. Thompson said. “But you really want to respect the fans who have loved the character for decades. I think there’s a razor’s edge there.”

Kelly Thompson has become one of Marvel’s busiest writers. In addition to Captain Marvel, she’s currently writing West Coast Avengers, Mr. & Mrs. X, and the digital-first Jessica Jones series, as well as being part of the writing team for the upcoming Uncanny X-Men relaunch. Carmen Carnero has done fill-in work on series like X-Men RedSupergirl, and DC BombshellsCaptain Marvel will be her first ongoing series.

Check out the Times article for more info on the upcoming series, and take a look at preview images by Amanda Conner and Carnero below. Captain Marvel flies back onto shelves in January.



  1. Marvel is addicted to the short-term sales boost of No. 1 issues (although sales usually fall with the second issue). They’re constantly canceling and restarting their books.

    This won’t end until fans stop buying those No. 1 issues, as if they’re going to be valuable someday. Ha!

  2. Well, I’m a big fan of Kelly Thompson’s writing, and I’ve been underwhelmed by Margaret Stohl’s work on the current Captain Marvel book.

    So, yes, all this rebooting; but the new series is a net positive for me, and I’ll be signing up for it.

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